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Be Well Tea

organic herbal tea   •   naturally caffeine free   •   loose leaf

greek mountain tea, straight from mt. olympus, is bursting with antioxidants (on par with green tea) and has been lauded for its wellness benefits all the way back to socrates. its mild floral flavor with a hint of mint is perfect for every day drinking and is equally delicious served hot or iced. hands down our favorite tea of the bunch — if we’re allowed to say so.*

please note: due to the chunky nature of this single source herb, jars contain slightly fewer servings than our other teas. apprx 10 and 50, respectively.

organic ingredients: mount olympus sideritis scardica

brewing instructions:
1-2 tsp 210˚ F   5-10 min

brewing even longer will impart a more earthy flavor with this herb. try it!

- 50 servings