Body Lotion - Silky Mist
Body Lotion - Silky Mist

Body Lotion - Silky Mist

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Be good to your hands with a caring hand lotion which both moistens and soften the hands. This certified organic hand lotion is perfect to apply after doing dishes or whenever the hands need extra care.

Due to its beautiful wrapping and size, it is obvious to place it by the sink, next to the hand soap. Our lotion contains organic aloe vera, jojoba oil and cocoa butter and is suitable for all skin types. 

- 9.3 fl.oz/ 275 ml.

- Made in Denmark

Society of Lifestyle: Society of Lifestyle is a family-owned, multi-brand company based in Denmark which houses the Nicolas Vahe Line, our favorite provider of mouthwatering pantry staples. All ingredients from its products are sourced from Europe.

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