Brass Candle Holders / Adaptors S/2

Brass Candle Holders / Adaptors S/2

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An original creation by MAISON PECHAVY, these brass candleholders for thin candles are also adapters for standard candle holders.

You will no longer ask yourself the question "How can I fit a candle in a candleholder that is too big? These candle holders & adapters are the answer.

How does this candle holder work?

Placed on the widest part of the candle holder, these brass holders hold thin candles as a classic and very decorative candle holder. Inserted in standard candle holders, thanks to the narrow part, they reduce the diameter of the candle holders and allow to welcome thin candles. Thus, these golden candle holders allow you to enjoy your favourite candle holders and to highlight the fine candles in our range of candle sets. Crystal or transparent glass candlesticks, modern or vintage, or even antique candlesticks, thanks to their double function as candle holders, allow you to decorate your home with these very elegant fine candles from the latest candle factory in Provence.

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