Scosha Easygoing Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet - Red

Scosha Easygoing Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet - Red

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A symbol of love.

Featuring a diamond heart charm on our signature nylon cord braid, studded with gold nuggets and colorful glass beads.

Each bracelet is braided by hand using premium nylon cord and lightly coated with wax for a 100% water resistant finish, so you can confidently wear your bracelet to shower, swim or surf.

- 14k gold vermeil over Sterling silver

- Diamond

- Nylon

- Button closure

- A note on nylon: SCOSHA's braided nylon jewelry starts out with a nearly invisible coating of wax to guarantee durability over years worth of typical daily wear. So you can wear it confidently in water or wherever else life may take you!

Scosha: An Australian designer based in Brooklyn, NY, Scosha designs and handcrafts luxurious eclectic pieces to be worn casually everyday.

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