Hermosa Beach Strandscape
Hermosa Beach Strandscape

Hermosa Beach Strandscape

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The Hermosa Beach Strandscape project is the world's first 2-mile continuous panorama. It's an incredibly unique view of this beautiful stretch of sand: the playground of world famous volleyball players, surfers, tourists, and locals alike.

Inside you will find one continuous, seamless image of the entire beachfront vista of the city of Hermosa Beach. It's your view from the sand, your view from the surf, your view from the paradise that we lucky locals call home. The Hermosa Beach Strandscape was made from hundreds of photographs painstakingly merged together to blend into one seamless, continuous image.

The Strandscape panorama was then cut up into over 800 sideways-oriented images and posted on Instagram. Those cryptic, sideways images fit together like a puzzle and eventually began to reveal the Two-Mile Panorama Strandscape, which continued to expand until it documented the entire beachfront strand of Hermosa Beach, California.

The Strandscape is presented here for fans of beach culture, fans of beautiful places, and fans of the project. 'Hermosa' translates to 'beautiful', after all. The Artist and Author Ken Bishop lives and works in Hermosa Beach. You can find more of his work at www.kenbishopart.com.

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