Pepper - Lemon Peel
Pepper - Lemon Peel

Pepper - Lemon Peel

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The exciting black pepper mix with lemon is perfectly suited for dishes containing seafood. Enjoy the black pepper’s distinctive flavor with a twist of Nicolas Vahé in the form of a balanced taste of lemon. The flavor is ideal for chicken, pork and various homemade salads that just need a little something extra.

Black pepper with lemon is also an incredibly decorative product, and it is therefore also a nice item to display in your kitchen and would make a great hostess gift. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

- Made in France

Society of Lifestyle: Society of Lifestyle is a family-owned, multi-brand company based in Denmark which houses the Nicolas Vahe Line, our favorite provider of mouthwatering pantry staples. All ingredients from its products are sourced from Europe.

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