Sundream Terra Coffee
Sundream Terra Coffee
Sundream Terra Coffee

Sundream Terra Coffee

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With every bag of coffee purchased, Sundream will remove one pound of trash from oceans and beaches.  Coffee with a purpose.

Rich & Full Bodied

TASTING NOTES: Blackberry | Fudge | S'mores

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: When s’mores are among the tasting notes, can you really go wrong? Introducing  Terra, meaning “earth”, this blend was crafted with extra care resulting in an incredibly balanced coffee that comforts with every sip. If you tend to lean toward a more full-bodied coffee, this is your jam. It is berry forward with a touch of roast and layered with rich chocolatey notes throughout.  

Our signature DreamBlend™ process roasts beans to their maximum potential - not too little & never too much - bringing out the best qualities and flavors each coffee has to offer.

Brazil // Zone: Cerrado Mineiro, Altitude: 1160 M, Varietal: Red Catuai,  Process: Natural

Ethiopia //  Zone: Sidama , Altitude: 1950 M , Varietals: Heirloom , Process: Organic Natural, Grade: 1

OUR FAVORITE WAY TO BREW:  If you are fortunate enough to have espresso brewing equipment this will pleasantly delight and holds up great with milk. Otherwise our favorite home brew method is a Chemex or V60 pour over at an 16:1 water to coffee ratio.

Our whole bean coffee is roasted and shipped fresh. Bring home the sunshine

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