Brand New Back Patio at Gum Tree...Revealed!

Hey Everyone,

It’s finally done, our brand new back patio is officially opening today!

Just in time for summer, it’s everything I dreamed it could be and more…

In case you don’t remember what it looked like…

It was such a great space, but because it was completely open to the elements, it was very hard to use it year round. It was not secure, so everything had to be brought in nightly, and the winds could whip through there pretty good. And the constant dust that gathered drove all of us bananas.

And now…
It’s a whole new room of the shop we’ll be able to use all year round!
How do you like the skylights? I love them!

The windows open, letting in the sea breeze. But in the colder months it will stay nice and cozy. No more wind tunnels through the shop during the busy Holiday season!

We’ve added some amazing leather hanging planters from our friends at Right Tribe. These are hand made right here in Manhattan Beach by the nicest/coolest couple you will ever meet. Lauren and Johnny, thanks for all your help with set up!

Love this limited edition print “Surfer” by our dear friend Anton Watts. Look him up, he’s the bomb.

See that leather plant coozie? Another beauty from Right Tribe right there…oh and more room to display my prickly cactus pots!

With lots more space for all our fantastic Hat Attack hats, Star Mela bags and new Right Tribe leather visors to breathe.

Hope you can make it down to see it in person.

It’s going to be so much fun to work with this space. I’m already planning its transformation to a winter wonderland!

See you all soon.

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!
Lori Ford

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