Inspired by this...Tour of Gum Tree MB

Hey Everyone,

We are thrilled to have been featured this week on a beautiful lifestyle blog, Inspired by This. You are going to want to start following them ASAP for travel tips, recipes, decor inspiration, and everything wedding related.

They interviewed me for a feature on what it’s like to be a shop owner, so you’ll get a bit of my inspiration, my daily life, why we named our business Gum Tree, and lots of gorgeous photos of the new Manhattan Beach shop by Sanaz Photography.

Take a peek here.

Don’t forget, if you have your Gum Tree Tote you have 10 more days to bring it in for 20% off! I’ve been out at market buying all new amazing goods and it’s all rolling in. Come take a peek! Valentines has arrived in the shop too, I think it’s the best year yet for Valentines cards.

Hope to see you all soon.

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!

Lori Ford

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