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Hi Everyone,
I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far! At Gum Tree, we’re having a little jewelry sale! Come on in and check out our case of fabulous pieces at 30% off. From Melissa Joy Manning, Robindira Unsworth, Wendy Mink and more.
We’ve got some bright and fun new stuff in the shop this week…
From the iconic French brand Laguiole, rainbow colored spreaders. Makes me happy just to look at this photo!
A new line from a very local company, Mixt Studio in Redondo Beach, yay! These reusable wine bags are made right here in LA, and they make that bottle of wine you’re taking to the party so much more interesting.
govino wine glasses, govino champagne glasses, govino decanter Speaking of wine, now there’s an adorable decanter from Govino, maker of everyone’s favorite plastic stemless wine glasses. Stemless champagne flutes too. A concerts in the park essential!
love beads by rich hippie Perhaps my favorite new find, these are called Love Beads, and are made by a company called Rich Hippie. They had me at Rich Hippie:) These are jewelry for your home, and come with a sweet message of love, peace and hope. love beads by rich hippie love beads by rich hippie Draped around a lamp, over a mirror, on the arm of your favorite chair, or placed in a basket or bowl on your coffee table, they are meant to be a “daily reminder of where your HOPE rests, where your PEACE comes from and where your LOVE will last forever”.
Here’s my nod to the neon trend…I love these boxed letterpress notecards from Hammerpress. They are sunny and happy, who wouldn’t love to get a handwritten note in their actual, real life mailbox?
pocket posh Last, but not least…something to throw in your beach bag to keep yourself entertained…crosswords, word jumbles and more! Good for the plane ride to your fabulous summer vacation spot too.
Hope to see you all soon. Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!
Lori Ford

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