Summertime in the South Bay...

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer. It’s been a while since our last email, so I thought I’d share some pretty pictures of some summery things in our shops this morning.

Hope it inspires you to head outside to soak up the sunshine wherever you are.

This hat, and gorgeous beach bag, and all those coverups, are waiting here just for you:)

In case you need some extra inspiration for your summer travels, we’ve got it courtesy of Lonely Planet, the very best.

Summer essentials! I mean who doesn’t need glittery Unicorn Snot sunscreen? And a giant beach ball filled with sequins?

Our friends from Right Tribe brought us a fresh batch of hanging planters this week.

And we’ve got all the goods you’ll need for the outdoor summer concerts happening all around us. P.S. how cute is that little Chan Luu neck scarf?

A little something to read at the beach…

Did you know we have a selection of pesto, bruschetta, jelly, jams and mustard to add to your picnic basket? I’ve taste tested them all, and trust me they are delicious.

We wouldn’t forget the kiddos! That’s a wooden glamping trailer, and a cuddly pineapple with a face, and the cutest little trucker hats you ever did see.

Hope to see you soon.

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!
Lori Ford

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