Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m writing to you all with a very important message…. Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!

As you may know, we are living with quite a large construction project happening now on Pier Ave here in downtown Hermosa.

It’s an amazing project, one with a fantastic green aspect (new rain water run off filtration, on the cutting edge of green technology) and a full scale renovation of upper Pier Ave (new sidewalks, benches, trees, medians, crosswalks, etc). Upper Pier is going to be an amazing place to walk, shop, and dine, hopefully by this summer!

But we want you to know—it is already a great place to walk, shop and dine! All of the businesses here on Pier Ave are open. And, tons of parking is available!!!

You’re already visiting our blog, THANK YOU! So you know what we do here at Gum Tree. But here are some other incredible businesses on upper Pier for you to check out…

Curious—Bryce runs a darling gift shop full of amazing eclectic finds.

Sol Baby—such a cute kids clothing shop, Gina has the best vintage concert T’s for your little one.

Java Man—Everyone knows Rick and his super friendly staff, and free wi-fi.

Union Cattle—ride that bull! And excellent steak.

Mani Pedi Cutie—Ally offers the best and most fun mani pedi in town. Yesterday Lily and I had the mommy and me manicure (her first time) and she is proudly showing off her purple nails with yellow polka dots, adorable!

Stars Antiques—you can’t beat this place for the atmosphere and some serious treasure hunting.

Zanes—a grown up night out with great food, wine and people watching.

Wash and Surf Coin Laundry—big huge washing machines and dryers for that comforter that doesn’t fit in yours!

The Bike Shop—I got my bike here from Mohammed, he is the best!

Maximus Salon—need a new hairdresser? Ed has been on Pier for over 20 years.

Fritto Misto—super kid friendly, create your own pasta dish, yum!

Come down and take a look…

Think about 3 local businesses that you’d miss most if they were gone. Stop in and say hello. Pick up a little something that will make someone smile. Your contribution, however large or small, is what keeps those businesses around.

Thanks so much for indulging me today, I sure hope to see you all soon!

If you’re so inclined, please pass this message along. I’m sure all of the small business owners of Hermosa would really appreciate it!

Lori Ford

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