Almost Summer = Teacher Gift Time!

Guys, It’s Almost Summer!

For many of us that means it’s Teacher Gift time…

Here are some ideas for our favorite teachers, they help our kiddos all year long…of course lots of these could also work for grads, girlfriends and bridesmaids too, take your pick!

Great Thought deskpad $16, Thank You card $5.25, All Seeing Eye sachets $18, Pretty Scissors $26, Good Vibes brass necklace $32, White Jade sealife bracelets $38 each.

Leather zip pouch $46, Thank You card $5.25, Tiny Studs $18 each, Rifle Paper set of 2 notebooks $12, Pens $14, Happy Everything paperweight $12, Turkish beach towel $36.

Sir/Madam dishtowels $29, Sea Salt from Ibiza $28, Mermaid bottle opener $24, Gracias card $5.25, First Prize Pies $29.95.

Cotton & Bamboo Turkish towel $39, Aquamarine Soap Rock $14, Book Club notebook $6, Turquoise carded necklace $16, Buddha bracelet $36, Desert Scene zip pouch $25.

Be Happy journal $14, 99 Things Journal $12.95, 17oz S’well bottle $35, Conscious Coconut body oil $18, Coola Liplux $12, Blue Agate coasters $12 each.

Travel canvas zip pouch $24, Silver Earrings $36, Bamboo & Cotton Turkish towel $39, Namaste Ninja face spritz $27, Lavender bath salts $28, Sage & Eucalyptus candle $36, Leather card case $28.

Keep your head up Mom’s, we’re almost there!

We’ll see you soon,

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!
Lori Ford

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