Hey Everyone,

I wanted to write this morning to thank you all so much for shopping and eating at Gum Tree.

Yesterday the streets were paved here on our side of Pier Ave, Woooo Hoooo!

It’s looking good!

And it hit me last night that everyone who made it in yesterday literally walked over hot tar to get in here.

Over the past 9 months you’ve seen dirt piles, traffic jams, nonexistent parking, construction vehicles, wet cement, you name it, and you still managed to get in here to pick up a gift or a snack and have a chat.

I feel so lucky to have met all of you amazing ladies and gents. I feel lucky to be living my dream in here everyday, and to have such a fantastic place to spend my time. You have kept us going through quite a trying time and we just cannot thank you enough!

OK, that’s enough of the sappy talk—here’s some of the cool stuff that came in this week

Bla Bla, makers of my favorite dollies, also makes adorable baby hats and booties!

Organic cotton storage bins from Canadian company 3 Sprouts. I love this zebra, they also come in blue elephant, pink elephant and orange fox…

And they do organic cotton hooded towels! How cute is that chicken?
I love this collection of kids music. Lily’s favorite is the reggae playground.

Lots and lots of new Chan Luu!
And the fall collection of Robindira Unsworth…this moonstone pendant is my fave.

See you soon,

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!

Lori Ford

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