Mother's Day BBQ at ours...

I thought I’d share a bit of our recent Mom’s Day celebration at our house. I don’t get to set a pretty table that often, so I took some pictures!

table-mother's day

Our house is tiny, but we’re blessed with some amazing outdoor space. If you’re coming to eat our house, bring a sweater, you’ll be dining outside!

lily-mother's day 1

Lily helped out with decorations…

She dressed herself, do you like her ankle accents? A tiny stylist in the making…

getting ready-1

The buffet table waiting to be filled…thank you to my mom for those amazing flowers!


Kid friendly appetizers…


Thank you to my amazing husband for the working the BBQ! He is the man.


It was delicious.


Baby Will thoroughly enjoyed those chicken skewers.


And mini cupcakes topped it all off!

Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day too.

Think Globally, Shop and Eat Locally!

Lori Ford

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