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Recently I had the need for an updated head shot. I’ve joined a group called LA25 and they wanted a shot of me in my element for the profiles page of their website.

As luck would have it there’s a talented lifestyle photographer, Paul Sargeant, of Sargeant Creative Photography in this group too.

Paul came down to Gum Tree last week and shot some pics, he was so personable, and professional. Really a joy to work with. I hate, hate, hate to be photographed, but he made it easy on me. He was quick and funny and the picture turned out cute too…


While he was there he was game enough to throw Will into the mix…


Paul photographs lots of couples on their big day.


My husband takes such a good picture! Isn’t he cute?

Thanks Paul for coming down, the pics are great!

If you’re looking for a photographer for a special occasion, visit his website at

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Lori Ford

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