Kris Nations Butterfly Crystal Stud Earrings

Kris Nations Butterfly Crystal Stud Earrings

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Butterfly Crystal Stud earrings are a delightful addition to any jewelry collection. Made with pear-shaped cubic zirconia crystals, they sparkle and catch the light beautifully. But they also hold a deeper meaning as a symbol of transformation and new beginnings.

Butterflies undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, transforming from a humble caterpillar into a beautiful and free-flying butterfly. This process has long been seen as a metaphor for personal growth and transformation.

Wearing a butterfly as a talisman during the new season of spring can serve as a reminder of the potential for change and growth that lies ahead. These butterflies are a lovely way to embody this symbolism and add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Studs measure 8mm wide. Available in 18K gold vermeil with pear shape cubic zirconia crystals.

Kris Nations: Sister-owned and based in Half Moon Bay, CA, Kris Nations is a handcrafted jewelry collection focused on high quality and eclectic tastes. Kris Nations is dedicated to supporting great causes, too, partnering with No Kid Hungry, About-Face, City of Dreams, Leleka Foundation, amongst other non-profits.

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