Dictionary Meaning Candle - Home
Dictionary Meaning Candle - Home

Dictionary Meaning Candle - Home

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We love the Dictionary Meaning Candles! We think they are a little bit special and look super cool!  So many meanings to choose from, making it the perfect gift. 

As they say - home is where the heart is!  

"home - a gathering place for family to join together in love and laughter. the one place you can always be yourself. a place of belonging."

A blend of cucumber, mint + ginger with a hint of lemongrass + persian lime.

We are Australian Made + Hand Poured soy candles. Our Mid sized Amber Jar candles are made from recycled bottles to support sustainable living and matched with our signature custom raw wooden lid. We use a eco-friendly, non-toxic cotton wicks to help you create your calming candle rituals.

Enjoy 40 hours of bliss!



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